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Who pays land tax in Queensland? (Complete Guide for owners)


For owners, there are some new changes to 2023 that became with land tax in Queensland. In June this year, the Revenue Legislation Amendment Act 2022 (QLD) (Revenue Amendment Act) assented, and several changes were made, including the way the Queensland Revenue Office will administer and collect land tax.




Through changes to the Land Tax Act 2010 (QLD), beginning from the land tax year ending 30 June 2023, taxpayers will be required to include the value of their total landholding in Australia when determining their overall land tax liability in Queensland.

This is a significant change which is important for taxpayers to take notice of if they own land in both Queensland and other states and territories in Australia.


How is land tax currently assessed in Queensland?

At present, land tax is assessed on the value of a taxpayer’s total non-exempt landholding in Queensland only, as at midnight on 30 June every year.

Insights_Tax Queensland

Depending on the taxpayer’s status (e.g., individual, corporation, trustee, or absentee) the thresholds and rates applied to their land tax may differ. In addition, there are some types of land which are exempt from inclusion, such as a person’s principal place of residence and, in some cases, land which is used as farming. These exemptions will continue to exist despite the changes to the Revenue Amendment Act.


How will land tax be assessed in Queensland from 1 July 2023?

The changes to how land tax is assessed in Queensland will commence from 1 July 2023 and will be assessed on land values as at midnight on 30 June 2023 (and each subsequent year).

Going forward, the Queensland Revenue Office will factor in the total value of a taxpayer’s Australian-held land when calculating their land tax. The value of both taxable land in Queensland and ‘Relevant Interstate Land’ will be assessed.

A new method will be introduced where the total value of the taxpayers landholding in Australia will be calculated and then apportioned so that they are technically only paying land tax on their Queensland landholdings, but at a rate which is proportionate to their entire Australian landholding.

land tax in queensland

So, what does this look like for the taxpayer? In practice, the new tax will still only be paid on the value of the Queensland landholdings, but the rate of land tax that the taxpayer will be required to pay will be determined by the total statutory value of their entire landholding in all Australian states and territories. As a result, Queensland landowners will find themselves pushed into a higher land tax bracket.


How will the tax be calculated?


The method for calculating land tax using the new rules is to first calculate the total value of the which is held in Australia by the taxpayer. Secondly, the taxpayer should calculate the land tax on the total, as if the entire holding of that land was in Queensland. Finally, the total land total land tax amount should be apportioned to the Queensland land only using the value relative to the entire holding.


Will all land owners in Queensland be charged more tax?

No. These changes only affect taxpayers who own land in Queensland in addition to non-exempt land in other states or territories in Australia. Taxpayers with land in Queensland only should not be concerned with the changes.


Will the Queensland Revenue Office know if I hold land in other states or territories?

It is a requirement under the Revenue Amendment Act that landholders declare all of the land they own interstate by 31 October each year, along with the land value which has been issued in accordance with the relevant land valuation legislation. The exception to this is if the land tax assessment is issued earlier than 31 October, in which case the declaration is due within 30 days of it being issued.

Calculating land tax can be complex, particularly as new regulations are introduced. If you require assistance handling your tax affairs we can help.

By Lauren Eakins

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