Why Choose Us

When it comes to getting finance approval from various lenders in the industry, it can be a very stressful time as you get put through the third degree and then just hope that you meet the particular criteria required by that lender.

If you are unsuccessful with that particular lender, it can be recorded that you were declined for a loan on that date.

That situation is not helpful when you go to another lender to apply for finance again.

If you were to go through our reputable finance broker, we would be well aware of the criteria for all the financial lending institutions and with that knowledge, we can qualify which lender has the criteria that you are able to meet.

If you are not in the position to qualify for a loan at that time, we will be able to advise you on what needs to be put into place for you to be successful in achieving finance approval.

When you engage us to handle your finance application, you are not disadvantaged by a record of unsuccessful loan applications.

Cairns Finance For Commercial And Business Financial Products

Here at Preston Finance & Insurance, we get the banks to compete for your business, so you secure the most competitive rates and terms for your finance.

Our Cairns Finance team are here to help you get the best possible financial product for your particular needs.

We get our clients finance that they couldn’t get for themselves or on terms better than they could obtain for themselves.

Why Use Cairns Finance?

As well as being able to access finance products that are not available to you as an individual, we simplify the process of researching, applying for, and securing a home loan.

We can help you understand the range of finance options available to you and select the best deal for your situation.
As brokers, we can bypass the impersonal and lengthy retail customer processes used by banks, and deal directly with dedicated staff to administer your loan.

You will be given preferential treatment by banks on both pricing and service that you won’t get as a retail customer when you use Preston Finance for your financial products.

Here at Cairns Finance we advise on a range of financial products, including:

Home Loans
Investment Home Loans
Commercial Property Loans
Equipment Finance Facilities And Novated Leases
Residential Secured Business Loans
Agribusiness Loans
Bad Credit-rating Loans
Loan Restructures
Commercial Bill Facilities
Domestic Trade Finance Facilities
11. Factoring Facilities

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by chatting to us.

Call us today to secure your finance and reduce your borrowing costs.

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