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    Commercial Property Loan Brokers Cairns

    Getting a commercial property loan can be a great long-term investment for both business owners and investors. If you are thinking about investing in commercial property and leasing it out, commercial leases generally have longer lease terms and higher returns than residential properties, however, with this also comes higher risk.

    If you are a business owner, purchasing a commercial property to operate your business out of can have many long-term benefits. Although it may be cheaper in the short term to lease premises, owning the premises from which your business operates from can offer you security and, depending on how you purchase the property, other long-term benefits.

    Purchasing a commercial property in your name or through a self-managed super fund – with this option, the property will likely appreciate over time and build your personal wealth. Your business would essentially lease the premises from you.

    Purchasing a commercial property in your business’s name – this option allows you to build equity in the property, which you can then use to secure loans for other business purposes.

    Our commercial loan brokers will be able to discuss which option is most suitable for your needs. Contact us today for an obligation-free loan consultation.

    Types of Commercial Property Loans

    There is no one size fits all when it comes to commercial property loans. Commercial loans can be used to purchase a commercial property, fund business operations, or buy business equipment. Our finance brokers can help you with:

    • Commercial loans to purchase a property;
    • Commercial overdraft to help your business manage fluctuating cash flows;
    • Business loans to invest or expand a business;
    • SMSF Loans – to finance commercial properties acquired by a self-managed super fund; and
    • Equipment Finance – to fund the purchase of motor vehicles and other equipment required for the operation of your business


    At Eakins Finance & Insurance, our commercial loan brokers in Cairns will work with you to find the most suitable commercial finance options for your circumstances. We will look at both the rate and the features to help you make informed decisions.

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        Frequently asked questions

        The lending ratio (known as the Loan to Value Ratio or LVR) can vary between property asset classes, and between banks. The LVR is also determined by the loan servicing support provided.

        It is important that you review the market at the time you want to change your financial arrangements.

        Eakins Finance can assess and advise you on your options. Contact us for a free consultation.

        Most lenders require 100% pre-sales or leasing commitments prior to providing finance. However, there are alternative funding options available that may require fewer pre-sales if the project has other strengths.

        An important factor banks will consider is your experience in similar projects; they also value experience in smaller projects related to the proposed one.

        Talk to one of our brokers to find out more.

        Three key factors banks will look at are:

        The LVR needs to be under a certain threshold, or the income source must be able to meet accelerated repayments to bring the debt back within policy over a shorter time.

        In cases where the LVR is low, you may be comfortable with an interest-only facility to free your cash flow for other asset purchases.

        If, for example, you can confirm a new, long-term anchor tenant, you should be able to secure better finance terms that what was previously on offer.

        Your finance broker will help you source and secure a highly competitive loan for:

        • englobe land
        • construction and development finance
        • going concern assets such as drinking hotels and accommodation hotels
        • development preapproval and post-approval status.

        Your finance broker will not only prepare your application to give you the highest chance of success but also make sure that it is delivered to banks in a competitive environment so that they offer you the best rates and terms.

        Speak with one of our commercial brokers to find out how we can help you.

        Your finance broker is responsible for:

        • helping you understand the various types of loans on the market
        • securing you the most appropriate deal that is available through their network of banks and other financial institutions (and, in some cases, private lenders)
        • making sure you understand the home loan process and your negotiating position
        • ensuring that your loan application is prepared accurately and honestly.