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Looking to access more funds for your farm? Let us help you to discover attractive farm loan options and terms.

Scale up your business with our simple application process for a new farm loan.

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    What do you need to consider for your farm loan

    If your business is considering a farm loan, we can support you in searching for the best option.

    As a farm business, the market conditions differ, and lenders offer specific terms.

    At Eakins and finance, we aim to support and help farm businesses to get a competitive rate and flexible terms and conditions for their farm loans.

    We also provide the following:

    • A detailed understanding of the application process.
    • The types of farm loans available.
    • Complete advisory on risk management.

    We can help negotiate the loan’s terms and conditions, including interest rates and fees, to ensure you get the most suitable deal possible.

    The purpose of the loan

    When seeking a loan for your farm, it is essential to consider the desired use of the funds. Whether you are looking to expand with new land or stock up on equipment and livestock, determining what type of loan will best suit your needs can help bring success in meeting those goals.

    Loan Collateral

    Farm loans are often contingent on assets being used as collateral to secure the loan. It’s essential for farmers to consider what resources they can leverage in order to meet their lender’s requirements and capitalise on this popular financing option.

    Market conditions

    Farm loans require careful consideration of market conditions, as they are a key factor in determining the profitability and sustainability of a farm. Understanding customer demand for products is essential to plan how much revenue will be generated – with this knowledge you can ensure your loan repayment strategy makes financial sense, reducing your overall risk.

    Government programs in Cairns

    Government assistance is available for farm loans, making them more accessible and affordable to businesses.

    These programs may offer lower interest rates, longer repayment terms, or other incentives to help farmers succeed.

    Eligibility requirements vary by program; We take the time to help you research your options and maximize potential benefits!

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        Frequently asked questions

        Farm financing is tailored to individual borrowers based on their financial profile, the scope of the loan desired, and the security assets available. Whether you are looking for a sizeable investment or hoping to acquire smaller acreage as collateral, we help you explore various funding options according to your needs.

        To qualify for a loan to support your farm business, farmers in Cairns must provide evidence of sustainable financial planning and an established credit score. Additional requirements may include assessments based on the size of the property, what is being produced (crops or livestock) and prevailing market conditions.

        Yes, the Australian government offers a range of farm loan programs designed to support farmers and agricultural businesses. The government understands agriculture's critical role in its economy and provides valuable loan opportunities to help farmers thrive.

        These loans are tailored to farming needs and may have lower interest rates, longer repayment terms, or other incentives designed to help farmers succeed.

        Yes, it is possible to use a farm loan to purchase equipment or land in Australia. Many farm loan programs are designed to fund various agricultural needs, including purchasing equipment, livestock, or land.

        It is worth noting that there may be certain restrictions or requirements associated with using a farm loan to purchase equipment or land. For example, the lender may require that the equipment be new or that the land meet specific eligibility requirements. Additionally, the amount that can be borrowed for equipment or land may be lower than that for other purposes, such as working capital or operational expenses.



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