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    Home and Contents Insurance Brokers

    Exposure to extreme weather events, such as Tropical Cyclones, sets Cairns and North Queensland apart from most of Australia. Storm Surge and Flooding are also major concerns, especially for those living on the coastline or near a creek, river, lake or dam. The extent of damage to property from these major weather events is generally widespread and devastating, particularly for those in remote areas of our region.

    The cost of home & contents insurance in Cairns can be high. We can review your current policy and obtain alternative quotations from a number of insurers to ensure you’re getting value for money and the right cover for your needs.

    Some of the factors taken into consideration by Insurers when calculating pricing include:

    Level and type of cover selected

    Do you need all the “bells & whistles” of Accidental Damage cover, or is a Listed Events policy covering the “major events” enough to provide you with the peace of mind you are after?

    Listed Events policies generally provide cover for:

    • Fire
    • Theft or attempted theft
    • Water damage and resultant water damage from burst pipes
    • Storm, rainwater, flood
    • Fusion or motor burnout
    • Spoilage of refrigerated or frozen food
    • Impact damage (from fallen trees, cars, aircraft, etc).
    • Removal of debris (in addition to your Building sum insured)
    • Architects/Surveyors fees (in addition to your Building sum insured)
    • Exploratory costs
    • Temporary accommodation costs while your property is being repaired or rebuilt following an insured event
    • Personal legal expenses following a Liability claim


    Accidental Damage policies include all of the Listed Events covers as well as:

    • Accidental loss or damage to insured items
    • Provide cover within Australia & New Zealand for your contents, not just in your home
    • Provides automatic cover for Valuable items within specific policy limits up to a set value per item, set or collection, or as a percentage of your Contents sum insured in a total loss event.

    Location, age and construction materials of your property

    • Flood mapping, crime rates and history of natural disasters all have an impact on Insurers pricing
    • Properties built after 1980 or substantially renovated including rewiring/replumbing are preferred markets for all insurers as they generally comply with current Building Standards.
    • Brick and cement block homes are generally considered a lower risk for insurers than timber construction.


    Let us help you find the most suitable cover for your needs. We have access to a number of policies not available to the direct market and will provide you with advice on the coverage that suits your needs to ensure you are able to make an informed decision.

    An insurance broker can save you time, money and help you avoid the hassle of approaching insurers yourself who aren’t necessarily working on your behalf when they are recommending their policy.

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