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    Landlord Insurance brokers in Cairns

    Purchasing an investment property is an exciting and scary occasion. Make sure you protect your asset by getting the best possible insurance to suit your needs.

    Landlord insurance Brokers provides all the usual protections of a normal home insurance policy (or contents insurance policy if you are renting out a unit) but has additional options to help you protect your interests as a landlord and ensure that your property continues to be profitable in the long-term.

    Based in Cairns, Eakins Finance & Insurance can find the best possible cover for your investment property including the following optional benefits:

    Rent Default

    If a tenant leaves without notice or before the end of their lease, this cover will continue to pay the rent, over and above the amount of bond available. The duration and amount paid varies between insurers.

    Theft by Tenants

    Provides cover for theft committed by your tenant or their visitors to the property you have insured.

    Damage by Tenants

    Cover for damage caused by the tenant or their visitors that exceeds the amount of bond available.

    Loss of Rent

    Cover for loss of rental income if the house becomes uninhabitable as the result of an insured event, such as a storm or fire.

    Talk to our insurance brokers in Cairns about obtaining a quotation to ensure you have the cover you need for your investment.

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