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    Thinking about investing in Cairns?

    In North Queensland, Australia, there has been a steady influx of tourism drawn to the region’s beauty and attractions. This increased influx is influencing the local property market – with population growth, employment rates and housing supply & demand all playing critical roles in driving price fluctuations.

    All factors create an ever-changing landscape perfect for those looking to invest or make Cairns their new home.

    As an investor here is what you should to consider

    As an experienced mortgage broker, we aim to help investors make informed decisions when it comes to financing their real estate investments. We understand the importance of finding the right loan solution that meets your investment goals and budget.

    Before investing, it is essential to consider all factors. We are here to provide comprehensive, up-to-date information on available loan options, eligibility requirements, and the loan application process.

    1. Financing options

    When choosing the right financing option for your investment, it’s essential to understand all of the terms and conditions. From loan amounts to repayment periods and interest rates, you’ll need to evaluate each factor to determine if a lender is offering an appropriate solution that meets your goals and fits into your budget.

    Careful consideration of these details will help ensure a smart financial decision moving forward with confidence!

    2. Location, location, location

    Properties in desirable locations are extremely attractive to investors, including those with strong rental demand and potential for appreciation. Areas near amenities like parks, shopping centres and restaurants can provide significant benefits, while tourist cities like Cairns offer unique advantages too.

    Finally, safety is paramount when selecting an investment property – ideally, a safe neighborhood offering a good environment should be sought out by the savvy investor!

    3. Property conditions

    Investors consider the property’s condition, including its age, maintenance, and any necessary renovations or upgrades. Properties that require significant repairs or renovations may require substantial investments in time and money and may not generate the desired returns.

    Investors want to ensure that the property is in good condition and that any necessary repairs or renovations are settled before they invest.

    4. Return on investment (ROI)

    This is the most critical factor investors consider when looking for property investment opportunities. ROI measures the potential profitability of an investment, and you can calculate it by dividing the net profit by the initial investment. Investors want to know the potential rental income, capital gains, and any tax benefits the property will generate.

    They also look at the property’s appreciation potential, which is the expected increase in its value over time.

    5. Market conditions

    As an investor, you want to be informed about the current state of the real estate market, including interest rates, economic conditions, and trends in the local area. Investors want to know if the market is favourable for buying or selling properties and how to allocate their investment capital best.

    Investors should also be aware of any external risks associated with investing in the current market conditions, such as high unemployment rates or declining property values.

    6. Tax benefits

    Investing in real estate can provide several tax benefits, including deductions for mortgage interest, depreciation, or expenses related to maintaining the property. Investors want to familiarize themselves with the tax laws and regulations applicable to real estate investment in their area and consider working with a tax professional to optimize their returns. Investors can increase their ROI and generate additional income by taking advantage of tax benefits.

    Investors should also be aware of any external risks associated with investing in the current market conditions, such as high unemployment rates or declining property values.


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      Frequently asked questions

      At Eakins and Finance, we help you with your real estate investment goals by offering different mortgage solutions that meet your needs. We provide:

      • Advice on the best type of mortgage for your specific investment strategy.
      • Determining the most competitive interest rates and terms.
      • Guiding you through the mortgage application process.

      We work with a network of lenders and financial institutions to determine competitive interest rates and terms for your investment mortgage. We consider your financial situation, credit score, and investment goals to find a solution that meets your needs and aligns with your financial situation.

      We help you compare the different financing options and determine the best solution for your investment needs. This may involve comparing interest rates, loan terms, and fees to find the most favorable option for your specific circumstances.

      Minimising the risk of your real estate investment involves a variety of strategies, such as diversifying your portfolio, investing in properties in stable and growing markets, and carefully managing your finances and cash flow. We advise and guide you on minimising investment risk and help you make informed decisions supporting your long-term investment goals. We also recommend building a relationship with a rental property manager as they are responsible for finding you the best tenants and maintaining the property.