Property Investment & Development

Property investment

In an ever-changing property market, it can be difficult to know when to make a finance application. Each property asset type has different lending criteria, and each bank has a different appetite for lending to those assets.

Sometimes, a bank will choose not to provide further finance to a certain area just because they have too many customers in that asset class within that geographical region. This can have little or nothing to do with the actual market.

Your mortgage broker will evaluate and monitor the market for you so that you can act effectively in the lending market.

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Property construction & development financing

Property construction and development is a niche area. Banks have dedicated managers, credit approval officers and lending guidelines for this area.

Eakins Finance brokers work with a network of property construction and development lenders, giving them current and relevant knowledge of the market.

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How can a mortgage broker help me?

At Eakins Finance & Insurance, your mortgage broker will source finance product options from multiple banks and lenders on your behalf and support you in the loan application process. They will also create a competitive tender process so that banks come to you with their best offers to win your business. You don’t get this type of advantage when you approach banks by yourself.

Your mortgage broker will be your single contact point throughout the entire process. Even once the loan is settled, your broker will look after the annual review and facility renewal process.