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    Strata Insurance brokers in Cairns

    One of the driving factors behind your body corporate fees is the rising cost of strata insurance in North Queensland. When your strata insurance premium goes up, so do your fees. If you had a regular home insurance policy, the solution would be simple – jump online and get a couple of quotes on your lunch break.

    Unfortunately, residential strata insurance is considerably more complicated and getting alternative quotes isn’t always that simple, especially in Cairns and the rest of North Queensland.  Working with Strata insurance brokers who has experience in residential strata insurance can make a huge difference, not just to the amount of time the process takes or the stress it causes, but also to your bottom line. Their experience means they know which factors affect your premium and can work with you to help reduce your risk.

    Eakins Finance & Insurance can find the best possible cover for:

    Building and Common Property

    As standard, cover is provided for the buildings as well as any common property such as lifts, driveways, swimming pools, lawns and gardens.

    Temporary Accommodation or Rent

    In the event your home is uninhabitable or inaccessible due to an insured event, you can have your costs for temporary accommodation covered until you are able to move back in. If your property is tenanted, you can be covered for the rent you lose while your unit is unable to be occupied.

    Legal Liability

    This will cover any legal liability such as injuries or property damage incurred on the property. What is covered varies between insurers, so it is important to read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.

    Office Bearer’s Liability

    Provides cover for the Body Corporate Committee for losses arising from alleged wrongful acts committed in the course of carrying out their duties as the committee.

    If you need strata insurance, speak to an insurance broker to ensure you get the most suitable insurance policy for your needs.

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